Welcome to The Exercise Coach - Charlotte. Locally owned and operated by Rick Bundy, we are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles and helping you meet your individual weight loss goals. We aim to improve your overall wellness through an easy combination of diet and exercise. Work with us to get expert advice on weight loss and a personalized workout plan you can fit into your day.

A Personal Trainer That Cares About Your Weight Loss

Our team is not only comprised of expert personal trainers -- we can also provide wellness advice that helps you meet your weight loss milestones. With years of experience in personal training and health, we know that diet fads and exercise trends aren’t the way to go; our weight loss experts have the knowledge and passion to devise a custom plan that actually works.

Fitness That Fits Your Lifestyle

You’re a busy person. At The Exercise Coach - Charlotte, we understand this, and our personal trainers provide fitness and weight loss tips you can realistically implement to create a more healthy lifestyle.

To learn more about working with a personal trainer to achieve weight loss with The Exercise Coach - Charlotte, call 704-322-3581 today!


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